Caitlin views the life we’re in life as a school for our souls’ development and we are students on the ever evolving journey towards awareness of our divinity. This core belief inspired her to create The Soul School. Caitlin has the pleasure of utilizing both her organizational leadership and therapeutic skills for the greater good of the community. While collaborating with a network of like-minded practitioners, Caitlin developed a team approach to client (student) care through The Soul School at Evolve Wellness which stands on the principle that each human is intrinsically whole and is connected to a higher power. Located in Short Hills, NJ, The Soul School teaches that there is nothing new offered that you don't already "know" or "have" deep within. Students are simply invited to "unlearn" the limited beliefs you've come to accept about yourself and your world around you through different courses and seminars. It is our mission to reflect back the beauty and truth within each student.


Evolving Rx

Evolve Wellness now offers an affordable and inclusive alternative to mental healthcare. The monthly group counseling sessions facilitated by Caitlin Peterson, LCSW, includes individual and confidential medication management follow-ups with Dr. Sari Lehrhoff, M.D, for pre-existing patients. To learn more, please call (732) 997-7385 and to register through the office of Dr. Sari Lehrhoff, MD.

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Evolving Women

Evolving Women's bi-weekly group starting November 5th at 7pm. We will be working through some of the popular self-help books while utilizing the feminine energy to support one another on goals/dreams. Several of Caitlin’s "graduate clients" and active clients will be joining as an alternative to individual counseling to maintain their commitment to their emotional/spiritual self-care plan. The fee is $45 a month which includes a private facebook group where I will be managing questions/concerns in realtime, posting journal prompts and linking members to helpful resources. Let’s go, ladies!

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Evolving Financially
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Lighthouse Hour

This is a free, therapist-led monthly support group for parents of children with anxiety and other mental health concerns. The mission is to empower parents through supportive group work and ongoing trainings from local family mental health and mindfulness experts. Come power up to ensure the sustainability of hope to all those whom you guide. For more info, please contact Caitlin at 973-544-8389.


Aging with Grace

10/15, 11/12, 12/10, 1/14 7:00 PM- 8:15 PM $250

With Anne Sussman of the Mindfulness Meeting Place, Life catches up with you and before you know it your 50, or like me 60 and you have all that you thought you wanted but something is missing. I think I have the answer! Come join me for my new 4 part series “ Aging with Grace”. This is an opportunity to learn how having a daily meditation practice can help you age with joy, grace and resilience even in the face of loss and change that will inevitably arise as we age. Come gain support from a group of other women and learn the techniques of meditation and mindfulness. 

Evolving Financially

10/22 at 7:00 PM $25

With Jenna Hwang Ceterko of Stonebridge Wealth Advisors. In this exclusive seminar, Jenna will challenge participants to think critically about where they are financially and where they want to be me and highlights strategies all adults should be utilizing to make that dream a reality… and sooner!


SEED Meditation Reboot

11/10, 11/17, 11/24, 12/1 10:00 AM- 11:15 AM $189

Welcome back, students! Anne Sussman of Mindfulness Meeting Place returns to The Soul School as Evolve Wellness for those who have already taken her longer beginner’s course. This class is for former students who are looking to reconnect or deepen their practice. We will have time to discuss what's working and what's not, what's holding you back from committing to your practice and learn new skills and meditations to take you even deeper.