During my first session with Caitlin Peterson, I realized that I was with a compassionate, dependable and highly skilled therapist who can zone in on a problem or issue quickly that would provide me with the best professional care. Needless to say, I knew I found the most wonderful hypnotherapist who truly cared about me! And, after 3 months of hypnotherapy, Caitlin assisted in several life shifts: I live a healthy lifestyle that is stress and anxiety free, live without  making my life complicated. Most importantly, I realize I can be happy without a reason and live my life in the now; not in the past or future. That said, I highly recommend Caitlin. Thank you, Cait, for all the help and assistance that you have provided me! You are a brilliant and caring therapist!!!
— Charles S
Caitlin, having time with you is like sitting with a old, wise friend who knows us. You really get it. Your sessions are refreshing and you have such an amazing sense of prospective and passion, perhaps intuition, to get to the root of issues and help me and my daughter work through them. You have guided me along my mindfulness journey so gently with your gentle insight to get me and my family in the right path. I love that you have helped connect our journey dots but have allowed us to find the deeper answers on own. You don’t hold back and are a master at your craft. Thank you for helping me find balance in my family and really understanding the dynamics.
— Lyza L.
Last fall I started my sessions with Caitlin and I’m so grateful for all the guidance and tools she has given me to aide me in my journey of personal growth. My well-being and mental health has improved leaps and bounds through our talks, suggested literature to read, and breathing exercises. In every session I am constantly learning more and more about myself and the areas that I would like to grow in. Caitlin has also helped me understand that there is no rush to find out who I am, but that it is a life long process and to enjoy the journey. 
— Yurissa V.
Caitlin Peterson is by far the most genuine, caring, and dedicated professional I have worked with. She has gone above and beyond by providing help to me in and out of our sessions. She is extremely intelligent and insightful with any problem or challenge. Her advice is extremely helpful to get through any situation. Caitlin is very patient, dependable and kind. She provides a calm and relaxing environment to guide you through the process of healing. Even when we are not in session she sends me educational information and opportunities to aid in my recovery. Her unique approach has offered me an alternative way of therapy that has opened my eyes to my inner self. I am very grateful, fortunate, and blessed to have her in my life.
— Laura H.
I started therapy because I noticed patterns of behavior that weren’t benefiting me. I was struggling with how I acted and responded to certain situations and I wasn’t proud of my actions. I didn’t know how to change these behaviors/patterns. I needed to learn new tools for dealing with everyday stress like family, romantic relationships, food, work, etc. I found a great partner in Caitlin. Using a variety of tools, like mindfulness, goal-setting, hypnosis, reading books, etc., Caitlin works with me to develop and apply new coping skills. My biggest learning: stop looking outward for peace, calm and happiness. I’m learning to embrace and understand my true, authentic self. Change hasn’t happened overnight. I better understand now that my journey will include highs and lows—and neither one lasts forever. I continue to work with Caitlin so that I don’t slip back into old patterns. I’m refining my skills and I’m finally feeling the happiness within myself the more I work with her.
— Terri Jo T.
I have been so fortunate to have Caitlin as my therapist. I cannot even imagine how different my life would be now if the chance or destiny didn’t connect me with Caitlin. It has been a life transforming journey. She is truly intuitive, keenly perceptive and personable. Since I walked away from an abusive relationship, she was able to provide me with an insight to rethink and create a new prospective to what I was facing, so in turn I was able to step out from the fog of codependency to the joy of self awareness and self realization. She has almost been like my personal GPS guiding me tirelessly to the road of my personal accusation. Regardless of how many times I have detoured from moving forward Caitlin has guided me again without judgment or disappointment. She was able to help me to learn from my own mistakes and imperfections. Most importantly, she showed how to love myself. I truly have a new life now. I have moved to North Carolina, I have a new job that I love,  I have new friends that surround me. I will start my own piano studio as it has been a dream of mine for many years. I want to say thank you to Caitlin for her notable role in this part of my life journey.
— Mila V
I have known Caitlin professionally for several years and know of clients she has done hypnotherapy with successfully. She is a consummate professional and warm, caring, and genuine person. I would not hesitate to see her for therapy.
— Daniel L.