Evolving Women’s Circle FAQs

What can I expect from becoming a member?

Each month, we will be exploring the teachings from our favorite books starting with The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene' Brown this November. The confidential 90 minute circles will include pre and post meditations, voluntary personal shares, small group discussions, and a lesson on how to integrate the teachings into your daily routine.

So just twice a month? What happens between meetups?

The goodness of the group doesn't just end when you leave Evolve! Daily inspiration, resources and discussions continue through the private Facebook group. Need the group to hold you accountable for a action step you're working on? We've got your back. Want to vent? Celebrate? Get advice? We got you! 

Who is the circle for?

This circle is for EVERY WOMAN

  • who is curious and feels drawn to learning more about themselves through the lens of group work.

  • who is seeking to be part of a community rooted in love, acceptance and sincerity.

  • who wants to give back and share her gifts with other women.

  • who is ready to commit to healing underlying trauma (we all have it!) that holds her back subconsciously from being in her authentic, empowered personality and soul.

What if I miss a circle?

Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! This is a commitment to yourself and to the gals in our circle, but we all know how busy, hard and tiring life can be. Sometimes, we just need a nudge to get out of the house. Sometimes we need help finding a sitter, sometimes we just need a night off. We will be creative and can even conference in through Skype! We will hold space for you where ever you may be, physically and emotionally.

What if I can’t afford the monthly fee?

The monthly fee for the private program is $45. If you are currently having a financial difficulty meeting this level of exchange, you will be asked to contribute what you feel is equitable. Email me and let’s work it out :) cpeterson.wellness@gmail.com

Can I sponsor a fellow female?

Yes! If there are members actively seeking assistance with membership, you can become an anonymous donor to offset the fees (membership dues, books, transportation, etc.) of those with financial constraints. Email me directly and we can discuss the needs of our community and how you can help: cpeterson.wellness@gmail.com