Something magical happens when people from around the world come together seeking to grow; an ironic experience evolves, it’s not necessarily growth that occurs, but shedding... shedding of old agreements, beliefs, fears... what we thought we needed to “find” has been within us the entire time and group work unearths our truth like no other form of self discovery. We are each other’s shovels. We see the shiny soul beneath the surface of another’s outward shell and bring it into the light for all to enjoy.
— Caitlin Peterson, LCSW

 Caitlin Peterson returns as the Spiritual Space Holder and on-site Empowerment Psychotherapist at Campowerment November 1st-4th in Ojai, California. For four days (three nights), 100+ women gather to disconnect from the busy-ness of life’s business and PLAY with other awesome people and a dozen of some of the world’s best experts. Topics Caitlin will be presenting on:

Connecting with Your Inner Warrior Goddess

In this experiential hypnotic Circle, Caitlin will guide you into a deep meditative trance state where you're invited to physically and emotionally feel the infinite capacity to love yourself and harness your true authentic power within you. You'll also have to opportunity to journey with your lineage to deepen the soulful connection to the generational evolution your ancestors have accomplished which has lead your soul to this lifetime. 


Transitions: Recovery through Hypnosis

Life is full of transitions, some we plan for and are exciting and some with which we are blindsided and are devastating. Nevertheless, transitions bring on a host of "what-ifs" and preoccupations. Often times, as women, we are quite efficient and in-control during a traumatic or life altering experience. Adrenaline runs through our veins and we get things done! However, after the storm, we are hit with the reality that life will never be the same and as we settle into the new normal, our bodies often decide to let out the cortisol and other stress hormones it's been producing to keep us going which can bring on adrenal fatigue and other health issues. Our minds/thoughts are directly connected with our physical well-being. Over the course of 15 years of supporting clients through some of the most challenging times in their lives, the conclusion I have come to is that self compassion is the key to all recovery. When we limit our own care after significant transitions, the consequences can require us to take even more time out of our busy lives than if we had just been doing this from day one! However, wherever we are in our life's journey, it's never too late to connect with our soul, our inner child and our future self and love on them. In this workshop you will learn specific techniques to intimately connect with your heart, repair old thought patterns that bring on suffering and lesson the burden of anxiety. Once we get to a state of calm, we amplify the vibrations of our intuition and have the ability to listen to what our soul truly need in real time. The effects of trauma are greatly reduced when the quality of support is high. It would be fantastic if we could escape to Maui for an extended period time to recover, (ie, a honeymoon! Even weddings are traumatic!) but that's not realistic nor is it necessary! And Caitlin will show you just how powerful self hypnosis, along with other tools, can be to induce physical and emotional healing. It's not about how bad times were, it's about how much you're invested in getting your needs met from others and from yourself afterwards. Support starts with self-compassion.... because you're worth it. 

We Rise: Good Morning Meditation

  • A Hypnotic Journey highlighting the connection between the power of our mind and how it manifests in our physical body.

These retreats unite women from all walks of life (many who would never in a million years have crossed paths) at top-notch kids’ summer camps for each long weekend of absolute wonderment. To learn more and to reserve your bunk, click here!