Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is made unique by the bond between client and clinician.  As you read about the different modalities below, you will see a theme: You are the expert of your own life and of your family! Each modality utilizes your strengths while releasing the maladaptive beliefs that hold you back from becoming your confident, healthy self. I work together with my clients to create a space of warmth and safety, so you can feel open and free to fully express all aspects of yourself.  We will journey together toward whole person transformation.

Fully present and with compassion, I hold the space for you to do your work. I trust that deep within you, there is a pull toward wholeness and wellness. I believe that you do know what you need to find that completeness and I will help you uncover the resources you have available within you. Our work together will be truly empowering and healing. I am so privileged to bear witness to my clients’ growth and I honor the courage and strength required to take the steps toward change.

I offer a integrative and highly personalized approach to therapy focusing on emotional, physical, nutritional, relational and spiritual aspects of the individual for truly transformative growth and healing. An eclectic combination of talk therapies, guided imagery, meditation, and hypnotherapy give clients a powerful and unique experience. As we progress through the healing work, our work together evolves into more of a therapeutic coaching alliance where we use the skills identified through the first phase of our work together to create life transforming goals with the road map in your hands.

Session length can vary, from 45 minutes up to 120 minutes, depending on the type of session, and can include a combination of different modalities. At your first session we will discuss options and explore what may work best for you.  Our time together is aligns with your needs and goals and we will continue to reevaluate them as we proceed.

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

People often have many questions about hypnosis and the hypnotherapy process. I would love to have the to opportunity to talk with you about this work, so please feel free to contact me with your curiosity. 

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy offers a powerful healing experience. It has been found to work much faster than more traditional talk therapy and heals on a much deeper level. It is highly effective in treating a wide range of issues, from early trauma, abuse, phobias, addiction, unhealthy relationship patterns, emotional eating, grief and loss, and so many more. 

This process helps people not only discover the actual source of these issues but truly feel empowered to create the necessary changes they want to see in their life. Deeper awareness and compassionate connection to the most vulnerable parts of the self gives people a sense of being whole and complete. While we may already "know what our issues are", we sometimes feel stuck to break through and move forward into the life we really want to be living - that's when we know it's time to go deeper... 

Hypnosis is a natural brain state, we are in and out of this state several times throughout the day, and just before we fall asleep. By using deep relaxation techniques at the start of a session, we become internally focused on the feelings and experiences that arise in the session. The critical factor of our mind can rest while we allow information in the subconscious to rise to the surface. All of our feelings, beliefs, memories and the details of all our experiences are stored there. During the hypnotherapy process my focus is on creating a safe space where the client can express feelings, regress back to early experiences, and discover the hidden beliefs and behavioral decisions that are impacting their life today. This is where they are best able to release what no longer serves them in a healthy way and discover profound insights and inner strengths. The client is awake and alert the entire session and remembers everything. I encourage clients to bring a recording device to record the relaxation and healing part of the session to listen to afterward for continued reinforcement.  People are amazed and deeply touched by what they uncover in themselves, and find this work to be transformational.  

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Imago Couples Therapy


Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) was created by Dr. Harville Hendrix, author of the best-selling “Getting the Love You Want: A Guide For Couples (1988).”

This technique teaches you and your partner how to effectively work on the relationship yourselves. and The term Imago is Latin for “image,”and refers to the “unconscious image of familiar love.” Simply put, there is often a connection between the frustrations experienced in adult relationships and early childhood experiences.  For example: If you frequently felt criticized as a child, you will likely be sensitive to any criticism from, and feel criticized often by your partner.  Likewise, if you felt abandoned, smothered, neglected, etc., these feelings will come up in your marriage/committed relationships.

Most people face only a few of these “core issues,” but they typically arise again and again within partnerships. This can overshadow all that is good in the relationship, leaving people to wonder if they have chosen the right mate.  So here is the good news: When you can understand each other’s feelings and “childhood wounds” more empathically, you can begin to heal yourself and your relationship, and move toward a more conscious relationship. Imago couples therapy takes a radically different approach. We don’t work to “fix” you, we invite you to join with us in working on the relationship as a whole. In Imago, nobody is right or wrong. The challenge is to learn how to talk together about things which really matter, in a way that feels safe, supportive, and positive.

That puts you in the driving seat! You and your partner learn to work on the relationship yourselves, and you become the experts on your own relationship by learning to find out what is really going on for your partner, and understanding how things in the present have a deep emotional connection to their past.

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