Heal. Love. Evolve.

Starting something new takes courage. Just for a few seconds, settle into your chair and take a nice deep breath in. Inhale the possibility of becoming aligned, body, mind and soul. What would that feel like? Imagine. You’re here because deep down you know it's time! Let's get started!

It’s here at The Soul School where you can expect to be guided through the unique hybrid of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and therapeutic coaching to unlearn circumstantial thinking patterns and expired behaviors and heal your wounds that keep you stuck. We will set goals, create action steps and give you weekly “homework for the soul” to deepen the effects of treatment. By learning how to hold yourself accountable with self compassion as the foundation for all personal growth, you create the life full of purpose, intention and joy. Come unlearn and discover who you truly are and how to live the life you’ve longed for.